Sewage treatment plants

We also offer home wastewater treatment systems, such as biological SBR, BHD hybrid treatment systems and drainage treatment systems, along with all the necessary accessories.

Rainwater management

We offer complete rainwater management solutions based on HDPE tanks produced using rotational moulding!


We have wells suitable for sewage, water-meters, telecommunications, fittings and wastewater treatment plants. Our wells are available in a wide range of diameters (DN600 / DN800 / DN1000 / DN1200), heights and types of configuration.


We produce various types of storage tank for diesel fuel, AdBlue, chemicals and rainwater. Our tanks have a very wide spectrum of applications and it is possible to adapt them to your individual needs.

Pumping stations

We offer pumping systems for household wastewater treatment installations and rotomoulded tank-based wastewater treatment installations. In addition, our pumping systems come with all the necessary equipment.

Road barriers

We also produce rotomoulded road barriers in various colours. If needed, the barriers can be filled with sand.

Sand and salt containers

We offer sand and salt containers in various colours and capacities, made of durable plastic.