BDH hybrid treatment plant

BDH hybrid treatment plant – a sewage treatment plant designed to treat domestic sewage for any subsurface conditions. Bio DUO-Hybryda are mechanical, biological and hybrid sewage treatment plants operating on the basis of low-pressure active sludge and a self-treating fluidised biological filter. This is a very efficient, long-lasting and cost-effective solution designed for locations without access to the common sewage system.

The Bio DUO-Hybryda on-site treatment plant features two independent biological zones. In each of them, low-pressure active sludge is supported by a submerged fluidised biological filter made of specially designed PE fittings.

With the application of the dual hybrid technology – low-pressure active sludge + a self-treating fluidised biological filter in two independent bio-reactors – the Bio DUO-Hybryda treatment plant achieves a very high level of contamination reduction.

Hybrid treatment plant – the best solution on the market
A on-site sewage treatment plant with the hybrid system is currently considered one of the most efficient sewage treatment technologies, while showing low vulnerability to adverse operating conditions. These systems are much more resistant to hydraulic overloading and sewage inflow variability and can handle a higher contamination load than a classic system (with active sludge), due to the capability of collecting more biomass in two forms. They are also resistant to periodical power outages, overloading, temperature fluctuations and temporary lack of sewage inflow.

Subsidy for sewage treatment plants
The construction of an on-site sewage treatment plant can be subsidised. For more information, see the website of the Polish National Fund of Environmental Protection and Water Management.

Our range includes all kinds of tank top extensions, expansion telescopes, covers, distribution wells, control units, drainage pipes, infiltration tunnels and filters for treatment plants.


Technical description

BDH hybrid treatment plants are available in three equipment versions:

  • BDH-Lite hybrid treatment plant
  • BDH-Standard hybrid treatment plant
  • BDH-Premium hybrid treatment plant


  • Treatment plants are manufactured as per PN-EN 12566-3+A2:2013 and bear the CE marking,
  • Very long life and reliability of the equipment,
  • Uniform and stable sewage treatment, resulting in a higher reduction of the contaminants in sewage,
  • Possible reuse of treated sewage,
  • No need for biological preparation dosage,
  • The collisions of the individual components of the fluidised filter results in the self-treatment process,
  • Low electrical energy consumption,
  • Stable operation regardless of the season,
  • Sludge removal only once per 12-24 months,
  • A 30-year warranty for the tank and a 10-year warranty for the equipment.

Environmental protection

  • The BHD biological treatment plant tanks and their internal components are 100% recyclable and the raw material is re-usable,
  • The equipment is energy-efficient – it both saves money and protects the environment,
  • It protects the precious resource – water.


  • Single- and multi-family houses,
  • Resorts,
  • Small enterprises,
  • Camp sites,
  • Tent sites, etc.
Table of available size configurations of BHD hybrid sewage treatment plants.
Model Capacity Population equivalent (PE) Daily amount of sewage (m3/day)
Bio DUO-Hybryda 4 2500 litres up to 4 PE 0.6
Bio DUO-Hybryda 6 3000 litres up to 6 PE 0.9
Bio DUO-Hybryda 8 4000 litres up to 8 PE 1.2
Bio DUO-Hybryda 10 5000 litres up to 10 PE 1.5
Bio DUO-Hybryda 12 6000 litres up to 12 PE 1.8
Bio DUO-Hybryda 15 7000 litres up to 15 PE 2.25
Bio DUO-Hybryda 20 9000 litres up to 20 PE 3
Bio DUO-Hybryda 25 12000 litres up to 25 PE 3.75
Bio DUO-Hybryda 50 24000 litres up to 50 PE 7.5