Sewage treatment plants

BDH hybrid treatment plant

BDH hybrid treatment plant – a sewage treatment plant designed to treat domestic sewage for any subsurface conditions.

SBR biological treatment plant

The SBR biological treatment plant is designed to treat domestic and municipal sewage, where efficient treatment under variable load is required.

Drainage treatment plant

The on-site sewage treatment plant — drainage treatment plant with infiltration system is designed to treat domestic sewage in areas without sewers, and it is successful in replacing concrete septic tanks.

On-site treatment plant

Our range includes various types of on-site (biological) sewage treatment plants, depending on the needs and location. We recommend our BIO DUO Hybryda treatment plant – the green SBR biological treatment plant. Another good solution is our economical drainage treatment plant. All on-site treatments plants can be equipped with accessories according to customer requirements.