Rotational moulding – we provide designing services for rotational moulding. Our qualified staff with international experience is ready to undertake the challenges of our regular and new customers.

We begin every design by discussing the entire idea of the customer and adapting it to the rotational moulding technology. We offer the best possible versions of the solution with regard to the product itself, as well as the manufacturing process. Through the design stage, in which we provide the customer with a 3D design, which can be printed on 3D printers or produced as a model of another material in the given scale.

Technical description

We provide comprehensive design services for rotational moulding:

  • Concept development,
  • 3D designs,
  • 3D print,
  • Scale models,
  • The consultations related to the adaptation of an existing product to the rotational moulding technology,
  • Computer product tests evaluating its strength,
  • Development of the technical documentation for the customer’s sales department,
  • Production of computer visualisations of the product designed,
  • Development of the transport method of designed components.


  • Professional consulting,
  • Comprehensive design service,
  • Balanced products are empty inside,
  • Easy colour change,
  • No pressure during the production process,
  • Low production costs of moulds compared to other technologies,
  • Free from internal strains (deformations),
  • Accessible manufacturing process, causing little or no waste,
  • Production of multi-layered products – several layers in one product,
  • Products can easily have different wall thickness.

Environmental protection

  • Products manufactured using the rotational moulding technology are 100% recyclable and can be re-used.



  • Various types of tanks: for water, Diesel oil, chemicals,
  • Various types of wells: sewer, water meter, fitting, cascade,
  • Enclosures, guards, vehicle roofs, e.g. tractors or construction machines,
  • Sand and salt, waste, pallet containers,
  • Garden furniture, tubs, toys,
  • Decorative lamps, other interior design items,
  • Others…

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