Sand and salt containers

Sand and salt containers – containers for bulk materials, commonly known as sand and salt containers, are used to store e.g. sand, salt and sorbent, close to the places of direct use (pedestrian paths – pavement, public transport stops, gas stations, housing complexes, etc.).

With solid structure and colour adjustment, they are suitable for application in many places, where they merge into the surroundings aesthetically.


Technical description

Table of available sizes of sand and salt containers.
Model, sand capacity, capacity in litres:

  • EKO-BOX 150 | 150 kg | 220 litres
  • EKO-BOX 300 | 300 kg | 440 litres


  • Easy transport with the option of inserting one container into another,
  • Lower risk of operating damage (containers are not laid one on another but inserted one into another),
  • Low weight facilitates the installation of containers,
  • Any colours in addition to the standard yellow, green, blue, black, red and grey,
  • Resistance to UV radiation,
  • Resistance to weather and chemical factors,
  • Can be fitted with a padlock or lock,
  • No metal components, so no corrosion.

Environmental protection

  • The containers are 100% recyclable and the raw material is re-usable.


  • City maintenance services,
  • Housing co-operatives,
  • Single- and multi-family houses,
  • Resorts,
  • Small enterprises,
  • Camp sites,
  • Tent sites, etc.