Diesel oil tanks

Nolen is a leading manufacturer of Diesel oil storage units. Tanks by Nolen are made of strong polyethylene, resistant to weather factors, UV radiation and selected chemical factors. The tanks are manufactured in the rotational moulding process, which is currently one of the best fuel tank manufacturing processes. We guarantee their build quality. We provide consulting, sales and service of: pumps, tanks, Diesel oil distribution sets.

Eko Fuel Tank and Eko Truck units are designed for the storage and internal distribution of Diesel oil and burning oil. The units include a dispensing system and a monitoring system. The capacities available are 250, 460, 600, 1500, 2500, 5000 and 9000 litres.


Our product range is specially designed for manufacturing plants, construction and transport companies and farms. The tanks facilitate quick filling of e.g.: forklift trucks, construction machines, lorries, tractors and agricultural machines. The advantage of owning a tank is the comfort of use away from places of retail, which makes it possible to buy at wholesale prices. Invest in safety and the environment. Improper storage of fuel is a potential source of danger to life and health.